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Mom is doing well...

Just talked to mom, who is still in the hospital. They've run all kinds of scans and tests on her, and found nothing wrong with her heart, it was just the COPD that caused her to nearly run out of energy when she drove me to my procedure Monday. They told her yesterday that she might be released, but it didn't happen. They told her the same today also, but she was just hooked to a bag of antibiotics, so I'm guessing she might be up there at least one more day.

I feel like crap with this sinus thing flaring up again (a constant thing for me), but I need to go pick up some soft drinks while Super 1 Foods has them on sale... and maybe get a couple more bottles of V8 Juice, since I'm almost out. Try to get that done before the nasty weather they are predicting moves in.
Tags: health, hospital, mom, shopping

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