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Mo' Medical Stuff

Got home from today's hospital appointment. They are trying a dilation of the stricture in my esophagus. First, they ran a small tube down my throat, then a larger one, this being while I was only "mildly sedated", while simultaneously doing a fluoroscope. I go back Monday morning for another treatment. They compared the outcome today to expanding the stricture from the size of the head of an ink pen to the size of the body of the ink pen. Will still need to stay on liquids in the meantime.

Bad thing about today, the sedatives they gave me didn't do much for me during the procedure, but it wasn't uncomfortable enough for me to complain. However, as I type this, I'm feeling loopier than I was at the hospital. Methinks extreme delayed reaction. Also, my throat is just now starting to hurt. :-/
Tags: doctors, esophagus, hospital, medicine, stricture

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