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Short Notice??

Okay " Oschner LSU Health Conway", what's up?? I got a recorded call a few minutes ago wanting to confirm my 7:00am appointment at the radiology clinic on Wednesday, November 14 (day after tomorrow). First I've heard of it. The appointment they gave me last week is for Wednesday, November 28 at 12:45pm.

I didn't press any of the three options (to confirm, reschedule, or cancel). Guess I'll call them tomorrow "during regular business hours" and find out WTF is going on.

EDIT: i had the appointment in the papers they gave me on my Nov.7 appointment after all. It was on a sheet that looked completely different than their normal appointment sheets. As a result, I completely overlooked it. It was the last page in multiple pages detailing the test. I feel like a doofus.
Tags: appointments, confusion, doctors
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