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Phone Departments

The phone rang once this afternoon... just once... this morning while I was in the shower. Mom said she didn't make it to the phone in time to answer it. No record of a call on the caller-ID, so I go to the Vonage website to see if it showed there. No record of a call there either. I noticed on the website however, that the next payment, due on November 10th, was $38.24. The one year "introductory" rate was ending. That's almost what we were paying for the AT&T landline back when we had it.

A little later this morning, the internet went down. I tried restarting the modem and router, to no avail. I waited about half an hour, then called Comcast. There was an outage in the area. They said (well, the RECORDING said) that the internet should be back up by 1:15pm ET. It went back up earlier than that, but not good when your home phone is internet based, and you might be getting a call from a job prospect. Mom has been waiting for a call from Glenwood for an appointment her doctor made for some tests (nothing major wrong, don't worry, just "routine" tests).

I decided, because of the Vonage price increase, and the internet outage, that just MAYBE it might be time to switch to something a bit cheaper, and POSSIBLY more reliable. Went out and bought a "Straight Talk" home phone box that uses cellular technology instead of internet. Then, the "fun" begins. I go to the Straight Talk website to activate the device and port our current number over to it. I get nearly all my info into the site, then get an "Error Page" with a number to call. I call the number, get a representative, give him the info I typed into the website. He says the pre-paid card number I entered showed as "already used". I told him maybe because it registered on the website before the error page. He switches me to another department. That department switches me to another department. Later, rinse, repeat.

FINALLY, the FIFTH department made progress, after I gave him the info I had put into the website, and repeated to the other FOUR departments. He gave me a priority number with a special PIN (to reach the CORRECT department) to call to check on updates on the activation and number transfer. They are supposed to call me tomorrow afternoon to update me on the progress. Keeping my fingers crossed. I was on the phone a tad over an hour total.

I didn't have NEAR this much trouble transferring my number from the AT&T POTS line, to the Basic Talk VOIP service, and to the Vonage service. It's like a bad dream.
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