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Sucks Gettin' OLD...

With the sinus pain getting close to unbearable, and the swallowing issue acting up again to the point having difficulty keeping even liquid down, I finally broke down and went to Conway Hospital this afternoon.

Got two shots and an antibiotic prescription for the sinus infection. Doctor I saw today doesn't think (unlike the doctor I saw under "University Health") that the swallowing issue is "ear, nose, or throat" related. She thinks it might be a narrowing of the esophagus, so I have an appointment with another doctor at the hospital on November 7th. Also got a refill on the blood pressure meds I ran out of a few months ago, since the first reading was 193/108.

Oh, and also, even though I feel like total CRAP, I went by and "early voted" after leaving the hospital.
Tags: blood pressure, doctors, sinuses, swallowing

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