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Phone Issues

Andrew called earlier. He's got a job interview this week for the job he's near in Florida. Mom was in the kitchen, was talking to him on the extension, when, for some reason, it went dead. I was using the wired desk phone next to my desktop PC. She picked up the living room extension to finish talking to him.

The kitchen extension had been on the charger, the battery indicator on the display was showing full charge. I opened the battery compartment, looked at the battery, put the cover back on it... suddenly it started working again.

Frankly, it has me perplexed. When the battery in the livingroom extension was going bad a while back, the display said "Low Battery" and was beeping. Nothing like that happened with the kitchen extension.

If it farks up again, we might need to replace the phones. They were bought over 10 years ago. Finances are getting "desperate" though, since no one has gotten back to me on a job yet. Against my "better judgment", I've even re-applied at Walmart.
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