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Why can't I control my "urges"??

Just got back from Wal-Mart to pick up a few items of food stuffs, and I'll be darn if I didn't also leave the store with two new DVD's! Really can't afford that, in my current situation, but they were two movies I was eventually going to get anyway, and they were only $9.44 each. "Species II"(already have the first one), and "A Fish Called Wanda". Got them on tapes recorded from premium TV channels, but I guess I'm trying to eventually replace those VHS's with DVD versions.

Oh...while I'm thinking about it...a quick rant. What's the fecking deal with all the pinheads walking around inside a store talking up a storm on cell phones??? I counted almost twenty people in Wal-Mart the short period of time I was there! And some idiot had her buggy in the middle of the isle, "yapping away", oblivious to anyone trying to get past her! Damn, cell phones irk the hell out of me! Whoever invented them needs a few dozen shoved up his arse!

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