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"Statler and Waldorf" I'm NOT...

Heh. Someone in the TWiT podcast IRC channel called me the "Statler and Waldorf" of the network, just because I was saying I don't see the NEED for certain "tech". They asked why I watched, if I didn't like technology.

I DO like technology. Just not ALL technology. I mainly just have no use for smartphones (my $15 flip phone does all I need a cellphone to do), home automation devices (I'm not too lazy to get up and flip a switch), or any overpriced and overrated crApple product (it's a CULT). I'm posting this from a desktop PC, while watching the TWiT podcast on the LCD TV in the room via a Roku on the YouTube channel. I have Blu-ray players, a 5.1 surround system in the living room, a soundbar on the TV back here in the bedroom... so you can't exactly say I hate technology in general.
Tags: hecklers, irc chat, technology, twit

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