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Hmm, Just Got An Interesting Email.....

Effective immediately, we are going to give you more for what you
are currently paying us. That's right, this is not a price increase.
Now we understand that a lot of you will be disappointed that we won't
be charging you even more for our outstanding service. I have worked
hard to negotiate a new contract with our upstream bandwidth provider
and was successful. Our new changes will make us much more competitive
with webhosting companies that are inferior but spend more money
marketing. Does this mean that your existing service from us will
decrease? No. In fact, we are working diligently to increase the types
of services that we provide you... all for low Warped prices. We
continue to offer you bonuses for referring more customers to us. We
are updating our pages to pull together our product branding for all
of our services. We will also continue to provide that 1:1 help and
service that makes us stand out.

So what does this mean to you?

Your $5/mo monthly fee previously included 750 Megs of bandwidth, and
25 Megs of disk space... now it includes 1 Gig of bandwidth and 50
Megs of disk space. We've also increased the amount of additional
bandwidth for a buck from 150 Megs to 250 Megs, which means that each
additional Gig of bandwidth is -only $4-. Now the more popular your
site is, the more you'll be saving over the old price. Go ahead and
compare us with out webhosting companies, and give us your thoughts.

We have a very promising future, and we're glad that you're part of
it. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel
free to let us know.

We're continuing to go through our old email looking for comments
to put on our main page. If you don't see yours, or want to add yours
to it, email support and we'll get it on there.

Thank you for being Warped.

Lilliane M. Coldwell
Warped Communications, Inc.

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