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Mom's Being Stubborn Again

Mom finished her antibiotics day before yesterday that she was prescribed after her emergency room visit at Glenwood Hospital last week. She hasn't gotten better, and has developed a nasty cough. Her temperature just now was 100.2. I told her yesterday she should go see her regular doctor, but nooooooo. She gets up this morning and goes grocery shopping instead. She said she was going to take her temperature again right before she goes to bed at 8:00pm, and if it isn't any lower, she'll want me to take her BACK to the emergency room.

I've had a problem getting a sound sleep the past few nights for some reason. I'm already feeling sleepy as a result (it's 6pm). Hopefully I won't be too groggy to drive. Gonna put off taking my sinus and blood pressure meds just in case, because both add to the sleepy effect. Last week, we were there for a little over three and a half hours before she got seen by a doctor.

Hopefully I don't catch whatever she's got, because I don't want to deal with the hassle of going to Conway Hospital. They won't even SEE you now unless you have $50, then they will still send bills I can't pay.
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