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More Erroneous Gmail, This Time Causing Confusion

Ugh. Just got three emails in a row in Gmail meant for someone else. They were notifications from the "Indeed" job search website for an Albert Rodrigez in Temecula, CA. Since I get my email in the Thunderbird email client, didn't notice at first that it came to the Gmail address. I'm on Indeed myself, but with my Yahoo address. As many emails as I get in Gmail meant for someone else, I would NEVER use them for anything IMPORTANT. I NEVER get emails meant for other people in my Yahoo or Hotmail accounts. Gmail has a f**ked up algorithm.

I marked the notifications from Indeed in Gmail as spam, and unsubscribed the person. Since I clicked the link in the email, it sent me to that persons account. Had to delete browser cookies as a result before I could get into my OWN "Indeed" account. Don't need any confusion when looking for work!
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