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Ugh...More Bad Luck

If it's not one thing, it's another. Toilet tank broke last night. Not sure HOW though. Just spontaneously broke. Plumber says the supply place where they usually get their parts is closed today, so it won't be replaced until tomorrow. In the meantime, guess we'll be using the "portable" toilet mom has in her bedroom.

Tags: breakage, plumbers, toilet

  • Lots 'O Updates

    I've been an updating fool so far this week. Yesterday Skype and Trillian, Today, the monthly Windows patch.

  • Turned Out The Lights

    I'm liking the new "Dark mode" in the Windows 1809 Update.

  • Lots O' Updates

    Yesterday: Windows Cumulative Update for version 1803. Today: Feature Update to version 1809. Must be Windows Update Week.

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