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Mystery Questions

Mom came back here (I was in the bedroom at the desktop computer) saying someone was knocking on the front door (after 7pm). I went up, turned on the porch light, opened the door. It was a teenager in a hoodie with a cellphone asking if we'd seen anyone at the rent house next door (not the trailer we are renting out, but the old Funderburk house on the other side of us). I said, "No", he said "Thanks", and left.

HOW he thought we'd be watching the house next door is a question, because of the angle of the house, the weeds/trees along the property line. No windows facing that direction in our livingroom, and the window behind my desk in my bedroom is mostly covered in aluminum foil to reflect sunlight.

Someone IS currently renting that house, because I see a couple kids waiting for the school bus when I walk to our mailbox in the morning when we have something going out.
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