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Get Your Fucking ACT TOGETHER CBS!

Dammit. Saw a post on Twitter from CBS stating, because of sportsball overtime, the evening line-up would be delayed 29 minutes in central time zone and Louisiana. I watched a streaming show in the time between the end of the "This Week in Tech" podcast and the time "NCIS: Los Angeles" was SUPPOSED to start with the delay. I turned the TV on to the local CBS station at 8:25pm. The show was already running! If you can't watch from the beginning, no point in watching at all.

Crap like THIS is why I think if a fucking sportsball game can't end at the time it's SCHEDULED to end, the network just needs to cut off coverage and go on with their regularly scheduled programming! I'm thinking of completely giving up on CBS on Sunday nights.
Tags: cbs, delays, sports, television

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