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Gmail At It Yet Again

Still getting emails meant for other people in Gmail (the MAIN reason I started only using it as a "spam dump" ages ago, and not for anything "important"). Here's what the latest looked like:


Those events were ACTUALLY added to the Google Calendar I'm using. My guess is, Google dumps everyone with a similar name into one database, and EVERYONE with the similar name gets the emails in Gmail, AND gets erroneous events added to their calendars. I deleted the events.

I THEN get THIS in my Gmail Inbox...


The links in the email actually checked out to be from the stated source, so I clicked, just to see if I could possibly get in enough to cancel that person's flights (I've "Unsubscribed" many people from emails in the past). Unfortunately, they wanted a password, so that idea immediately "flew the coop"!

This kind of stuff happens REGULARLY in Gmail. It NEVER happens with the other two email services I use. Google's algorithms are severely fucked up. Use Gmail at your own risk.
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