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Am I Losing My Mind?

Has something ever happened that made you wonder about your sanity? It's happened to me recently.

I was driving past a convenience store I go to often to buy gas and lottery tickets the other day. Their pumps were gone, and lights were off in the building. No cars around. I assumed they had gone out of business since my last visit. Even posted about it on Facebook, and told Andrew about it.

Or... maybe the store did NOT go out of business. Drove by there today on my way to the grocery store. Lights were on in the building, cars were parked outside, and the exact same gas pumps that were always there were still there.

Could it be that I maybe just had the most VIVID dream I've ever had in my life, and I assumed it actually happened... or am I possible going senile?

This has never happened to me before.
Tags: confusion, dreams, real life, sanity

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