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Telemarketing Calls?

Sitting here on this Saturday afternoon watching "The Tech Guy" podcast with Leo Laporte. A call came in asking how to best block unwanted calls on their mobile phone. Caller said he was getting swamped with telemarketing/robo calls. Quite a few people in the IRC chat also said they were constantly getting those calls. Must actually be a problem for some people.

I'll probably put a curse on myself for saying this, but I haven't gotten a telemarketing call in YEARS, and the only "Robocalls" that come into the house are reminders of doctor appointments. Had the home phone switched to an unlisted number several years ago after we started getting "prank" calls with spoofed numbers, after the then young son irritated someone online. That same number I transferred to the VOIP service a couple years ago, so it's still never been "listed" anywhere.

As for the mobile flip Tracfone that I only bought to take with me when I leave the house, in case of emergency, the only "telemarketing" calls it ever gets are FROM Tracfone about special offers. Never get telemarketing calls on that phone from anywhere else.

Either I must be very lucky, or the unlisted number makes a difference, or I'm just not "popular" enough for telemarketers to bother with.
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