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Clueless Relatives

Almost got into an argument on the phone with Uncle Barrett about the state of healthcare. He said things will get better after "Obamacare" is repealed. My uncle, along with several of my other relatives, are clueless "Faux News" worshipers. He started ranting against "single payer" when I said we needed it here, just like every other major country in the world, saying he didn't want to pay for healthcare for people who weren't working. Most jobs these days don't offer healthcare, and don't pay enough for employees to afford insurance.

If he'd start looking around him at the REAL WORLD, he'd see that. He, and those other mindless relatives believe ANYTHING the Republicans and Faux News tell them. No mind or thought processes of their own!

I know I'm alienating relatives, but I'm to the point I just don't give a fuck anymore. Rarely see them anyway.

/rant over
Tags: faux news, healthcare, morons, relatives, republicans

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