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Ahhh, What A Lovely Saturday.......

Just awoke after sleeping later than I planned. The sun is shinning...the birds are chirpping...there were two more virus attempts on my PC...great way to start the day!
The virus attempts were both the "Klez" worm again, according to my ol' trusty Norton Anti-Virus. One came through my BellSouth account with no subject line, but the name "MoragMaclachlan" in the "From" field. The other came through my Hotmail account with "Hamsters-And-Us" in the "From" field, and "Japanese girl VS playboy" in the "Subject" field.
Just read on my LJ Friends page that winkie_woo got hit by it again this morning also. Luckily her anti-virus caught hers again too before damage was done! They always say, "Don't Open Attatchments" on TechTV...but these seem to want to open on their own little to be done there..just sit back and hope your anti-virus is being alert!

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