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Frankly, I don't give a fuck...

Just blocked a longtime friends wife and a cousin on Facebook, who were trying to lecture me about a couple posts I've made concerning religion and politics.

The religion post was about Trump signing a Religious Freedom bill, which would give churches the right to promote political parties and politicians. I said religion should be taxed if they are allowed to do that, and they should be taxed ANYWAY, since religion is a bunch of fictional hooey anyway. Friend's wife is ultra-religious, and basically told be I needed schooling and should go to church. Told her I go by scientific FACTS, not by ancient fictional novels. Then blocked her.

Both the friends wife and the cousin voted for Trump, and apparently they are all FOR people dying due to lack of health coverage. Cousin went on a rant saying Democrats enjoy paying people to stay home and NOT work, and that under the previous administration, more people were NOT in the work force than WERE in the work force. He then went on to say he was tired of supporting those people, and paid $15K last year in taxes. He asked how much I paid in taxes last year. I haven't even found a job that PAID $15K a year TOTAL. Cousin got his job at a manufacturing plant via his late dad, according to my mom after I told her this. Not everyone is THAT lucky to get a high paying job HANDED to them. Cousin is WAY "out of touch" with most people in this part of the country as a result, and automatically has good benefits. I replied to him with that bit of factual knowledge, told him to stop watching Faux News, then blocked him.

Not that I've seen said friend or cousin in a few years anyway, so I'm not really losing anything I guess. Both the cousin and the friends wife just assumed I voted Democrat. I've voted third party since the early 1990's, but I would have been happy if a Democrat had gotten into office.

Guess you can say I'm "out of place" where I live. I'm a liberal-leaning atheist living in the "Red Bible Belt".
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