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Sequel To "Borked Software"

As you may remember, on February 9th, I posted that the older version of my preferred photo editing software, Paint Shop Pro, suddenly took a nosedive on the new desktop, and wouldn't even reinstall from the disc. I'd been using it since the old Vista machine in 2007.

I mentioned that I was going to give the free open source "The Gimp" software a go, mainly because of my rather "lean" budget at the moment. Well, that didn't last long. The Gimp is overly complicated, badly designed, and I couldn't figure out how to do most of the things I really wanted to do.

Luckily, I noticed today that Office Depot had the newest version of Paint Shop Pro, version X9, on sale for $39.99. That price was too good to pass up, so I splurged and bought it. Installed fine and runs fast on the Windows 10 desktop. Hopefully now I'll be good for a few more years in the photo editing department.

I'm now a happy camper once again... except for this damn lingering sinus infection that won't go away!

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