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Shopping Rant

As a lot of you may know, I've been boycotting Walmart ever since they fired me for getting the flu a few years ago. Mom still shops there, but hasn't been lately. I needed a few grocery items, so I was going to go shopping this afternoon. She asked could I stop by Walmart to get some air filters for our unit. Reluctantly I said yes, and figured instead of making TWO stops, I'd just go ahead and get everything there.

BIG mistake. My cart was a little over half full. I looked at the registers. Only ones open were the "Self Checkout" ones (which I REFUSE to use unless I'm getting a discount for doing my OWN work), a "20 Item or Less" register, and ONE "regular" register, which had two people ahead of me with nearly full carts. I got in the line, already aggravated. When the second person was almost finished, I noticed a hand written sign taped to the register that said "No Checks".

Well, THAT WAS THE ONLY METHOD I HAD TO PAY FOR MY STUFF! I just said out loud, "FUCK THIS!", pushed my cart off to the side, and walked out. Went to get my groceries at Super One, where I had planned to go to begin with. I didn't pick up any air filters. Still have one replacement air filter in the closet, so I'll run over to Lowe's in the next few days and get some there. NEVER going back to ANY Walmart!
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