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Hard to Swallow

It's gotten to the point I can't even swallow condensed soup without gagging up. Since I still haven't received the appointment from the University Health Conway ear,nose,throat specialist, I just returned from their emergency room. They took four vials of blood and did a CT scan of my throat.

Good news is... they didn't find any tumors or growths in my throat. Bad news, the ER doctor was stumped as to WHY I'm having trouble swallowing. He said if I haven't gotten the ENT appointment in the mail by the end of the week, to return to the walk-in clinic to see that doctor again (the one who is referring me to the ENT). I've already been feeling weak from not being able to eat anything even HALF-WAY solid, but guess I'll be on a basically "liquid diet" a while longer... seems I don't really have a choice while I'm waiting. I can swallow water, juices, shakes, etc, fine. Not very "filling" though.

The "instruction sheet" they gave me at discharge this evening describes a condition called "dysphagia". The symptoms on the sheet pretty much sum up all the symptoms I'm having.

I just want to eat solid foods again! :-(
Tags: doctors, emergency room, hospital, swallowing, throat

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