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Went back to the Conway Hospital walk-in clinic this morning, because I'm still having issues swallowing. Saw a different doctor today (the nurse practitioner last week was "filling in"). He looked down my throat, said the right side had significant swelling. That observation coincides with where I've noticed the "hanging" feeling is happening. He prescribed me some 500MG penicillin tablets, take four a day for ten days, and is setting me up with an ear,nose,and throat specialist. I should get my appointment in the mail in a few days.

In other news, Andrew completed his expensive driving course yesterday, went to the DMV this morning and got his actual drivers license. He's very happy. Mom's car has been reinstated to "full coverage" now, so he can drive it. Didn't want to keep just liability on it, just in case something were to "go wrong" when he's driving it. Wouldn't be able to afford a new vehicle or repairs otherwise.
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