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Product Review

If you see those "MicroTouch3" razor and blade packages anywhere, AVOID them like the plague! Figured I'd try to save some money on shaving supplies, so bought a package for $20. Comes with the handle and 12 blades, which the package claims "One Year of Shaving". BULLSHIT!

The blades are very dull to start with, at least compared to the Schick Hydro 5 blades I have been using. You have to press hard to the face for the blades to provide ANY KIND of close shave. After two weeks, the first blade cartridge was totally unusable! After giving my lower lip a nasty cut from having to press so hard on the second cartridge, I finally said "Fuck it!", went to the store, and spent some $$ on more cartridges for my Schick razor.

I've had bad luck with nearly EVERYTHING I've tried that has the "As Seen On TV" logo on it, these craptastic blades being no exception! One of these days, hopefully, I'll learn my lesson and stay away from anything with that logo on it!

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