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Hate to ban people from posting in my journal, BUT.....

Just had to change some settings in my journal as to who can or cannot post, because of ONE bad apple. Got a comment from an "Anonymous" poster today that said:
subject: message from *** (not giving out the name here)

*** says you are a c..t

THEN, not more than 5 minutes after getting that in my email notifications, get another comment in reply to that one, from the person the message above was supposidly from, saying:
I did not post the above comment......

Coincidence? I think not! The above person in question was removed from my friends list a while back after getting snitty saying I HAD to "take sides" in a recent parting of the ways between he and another LJ user, when it is my preference to remain neutral in such matters. I've also noticed I've been removed from his friends list also, so, how could he have spotted that first comment so quickly? I really think the "Anonymous" poster and the actual poster are one and the same, so I have changed my settings to ban the poster, plus all "Anonymous" posts!

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