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Doctor Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, I head over to University Health Conway's Med II clinic for my twice yearly blood pressure checkup. While there, I'm going to AGAIN bring up this "gagging" problem, which that doctor diagnosed (incorrectly) last time as acid reflux related. I took the medicine he prescribed for that for a month, no improvement WHATSOEVER. I'm positive it's SINUS related, not reflux, because every time I gag up that thick, bitter tasting liquid, afterwards I use between 4-5 tissues blowing mess out of my nose.

The problem has slowly been getting more aggravating. Now, nearly every time I try to eat, I get a "hanging sensation" in my throat and end up gagging again. Most of the time, no food comes back up, just the thick liquidy mess, followed by blowing tons of stuff out of my nose. The past couple of weeks, I'm occasionally getting needle type, throbbing pains under my left eye on the side of my nose. Last time that happened, another doctor diagnosed it as a bad sinus infection, and prescribed some antibiotics.

If this regular blood pressure doctor tries to say it's reflux again, I'm just going to tell him don't bother with anything but the blood pressure. When I leave the Med II clinic, I'll just walk over to the walk-in clinic and ask to see a different doctor. The walk-in clinic was the place who correctly diagnosed the sinus infection the other time.
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