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Throat Issues

I really don't see myself going out to eat in a restaurant again until I figure out what is causing me to gag heavily after a few bites of food. I get a feeling in my throat that the food is "hanging". After I go to the bathroom and do some serious gagging, which usually results in a thick glob of slimy stuff, then heavy nose blowing, I can, most of the time, finish eating without issue, although I have to eat slowly. Since all this started, when I eat "out", it's a pick up order to bring home.

Most mornings I'm coughing up thick, clear, sometimes light brown, bitter tasting globs after showering. Last blood pressure checkup back in November, I brought it up to the doctor. He passed it off as acid reflux related and prescribed medicine. Took the medicine daily for a month, no improvement whatsoever, so didn't bother getting it refilled. Personally, I'm thinking it may be sinus related, since I blow my nose heavily every time this occurs.

Going to bring the subject BACK up when I return for another check up on the 21st of the month, since the condition seems to slowly be getting worse instead of better. One bright side I guess, it's causing me to eat less, so I'm losing a little weight.
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