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NOT Impressed So Far

Okay, mom took the cellphone that was set up yesterday with her when she left the house this afternoon. If she had needed to call, she wouldn't have reached the house phone. Tried calling the house phone when she got home as a test, call failed. However, when I called the cellphone from the house phone, the cellphone rang. Phone is worthless if you can't call the house with it. That was the ENTIRE POINT in getting the damn thing! Display would either say "Call Failed", or "Emergency Calls Only". It also says the phone is activated, and there are 88 days left on the current plan.

Tomorrow, when I'm a little more "level headed", I'll get Andrew to look at it again, since he's the resident "cellphone expert", he's at work now. It worked ONCE calling the house phone, after powering off and back on, but failed every other time after that. If HE can't figure it out, guess we'll be on the phone to customer support at Tracfone. If after THAT we can't get the damn thing to work properly, I'll just say "Fuck it!" and mom and I will go back to just hoping we'll be near SOME kind of phone if we have an emergency crop up when we're away from the house!

Let's just say my first "real world" experience with cellphones isn't a good one!
Tags: annoyances, cellphones, tracfone

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