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The Day So Far...

Got Andrew on the bus to Baton Rouge this morning. The ex bought him a round trip ticket so he can visit during the holidays. Luckily, his job let him have the time off.

Washed three loads of laundry... colored clothes, whites, and the random towels around the house the cats like to sleep on.

Mom gave me cash early for Xmas, so I figured it'd be an opportune time to buy a sound bar for the bedroom television, since the old stereo receiver I had hooked to it had a nasty habit of cutting out from time to time.

Now, going to the living room to watch some more of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" Blu-ray set I've had nearly a year and I am just now in the middle of season two. Gonna skip "NCIS" and "NCIS: New Orleans" on CBS this evening, since they're both repeats.
Tags: blurays, electronics, holidays, son, xmas

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