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STUPID People Online...

There are some idiotic people online, I can tell you! I thought that I was computer illiterate...after an incident last night, guess I'm slightly smarter than I thought! Someone popped into my webcam chat area on Camarades, conversation went something like this:

OTHER: Hi, can you see me?
OTHER: Why not, my camera's on?
ME: What is your URL?
OTHER: What?
ME: Your URL....your Camarades page web address...
OTHER: I don't know if I have one or not.
ME: You need one on this site before anyone can see you.
OTHER: Well, my camera is on.
ME: In your Camarades software, click the button that says "Go To Your Home Page"
OTHER: I'm not using that, I'm using my Intel software.
ME: No wonder you don't have a page on the Camarades site.
OTHER: I thought this site let people teleconference
ME: In a round about way, it does, but you have to download the Camarades cam software, otherwise no one will see you.
OTHER: Why won't my Intel software work?
ME: Standard webcam software isn't set up to work with this site, or any other, it's just for taking snapshots or short movies with your webcam.
OTHER: Well, I don't want to download anything else, if my camera software doesn't work, this is stupid.
ME: No, THIS isn't stupid.....

Then, I graciously "Kicked" the idiot from the room! I mean, even I knew the first time I went to the websites homepage, what was needed to get my cam running....because I read the directions!

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