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Random Annoyances

Don't you HATE when the plumber says he'll be at your house between 8:30am-9:00am, yet doesn't show up until nearly 10:30am?

Online advertising, for the most part, is stupid. While doing contest entries this morning, I saw multiple ads for Comcast Business Internet. WE ALREADY HAVE COMCAST BUSINESS INTERNET!!!

Gmail is STILL misdirecting emails. Got one from THEM this morning saying, "Hi Albert, Your Google Account was just used to sign in on Samsung Galaxy S6. Albert Korewha , Samsung Galaxy S6 Wednesday, 7 October 2015 19:20 (Australian Western Standard Time) Perth WA, Australia*" THAT'S NOT MY LAST NAME OR GMAIL ADDRESS!!! THIS is why I NEVER trust Gmail with vital or important email correspondence!
Tags: advertising, gmail, plumbers

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