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Louisiana Department of Revenue IDIOTS

Andrew is having a devil of a time getting his Louisiana state tax refund back. After filing, he got a letter saying he needed to take an "identity verification" quiz on the states tax website. He went to the site, and it told him he couldn't take the quiz, that he needed to mail in copies of the first two pages of his Federal return, a copy of his drivers license or state ID card, his Social Security card, his W-2 form, and a copy of the letter he received.

Well, we do that. Then, today, he gets ANOTHER letter, reading "SECOND NOTICE", wanting him to do the identity quiz thing. Once AGAIN, he can't take the quiz, and it asks for copies of the items I mentioned in the first paragraph! Going to mail the stuff again, with a note telling them this is the SECOND TIME we have mailed the info, and HOW MANY MORE TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO SEND IT before he gets his freggin' state refund?!?

Funny thing is, even though this is the first year he's filed taxes, the FEDERAL government sent his refund within a couple of weeks of his filing it! The STATE has to be a bunch of jackoffs!
Tags: assclowns, louisiana, tax refund

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