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Well, isn't this nice? NOT!!!

A couple of hours before I was supposed to go to work today, I started throwing up what I had eaten earlier. Fever was a tad over 100F. So, instead of going back to work today, I went back to Conway Hospital, where I was just at last Wednesday, when they diagnosed me with a sinus infection.

Today, after a blood test, urine sample, and a chest x-ray, they diagnosed me with a light case of pneumonia. I was also a bit dehydrated, so they gave me a drip of solution, then a drip of antibiotics. They also prescribed me ANOTHER antibiotic to take with the one I'm already taking from the previous visit, and some cough syrup. Got a note for the Olive Garden manager instructing me to be off through January 6th. Instructed to take meds, rest, drink plenty of fluids until then.
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