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Hospital Visit

Got up this morning, that pain in my right hip was severely more painful than it's been the last couple days since I first posted about it, I almost couldn't get out of bed as a result! So, I got dressed (albeit slowly), and went to the local charity hospital (can't afford to pay a doctor). After about a 4 hour wait, I was finally able to see a doctor. He said he thinks from the symptoms that it is a pulled muscle. I told him I've never had that severe of a pain before...but he said I probably pulled a muscle worse than I have before. He told me to go home, stay off the leg as much as possible, and soak in a hot tub twice a day, and if it wasn't any better by Monday, to come back and they'd take an x-ray, although he said if something had gotten broken somehow the day I helped my uncle move that bed, I wouldn't be walking right now.... so I guess I'll follow his directions and see if it gets any better....

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