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Spent nearly 6 hours last night with my hands in dishwater. The restaurant doesn't have any of those large yellow rubber gloves, only small, clear plastic ones, and water leaks into them. As a result, by the time I left work last night (opening night) at 12:40am, my hands were wrinkled and peeling. Today they are dry and sore. The rest of me is sore all over also. At least I'm off until Thursday morning, so MAYBE I can "recover" a bit.

After getting off last night, I decided to swing by and try Whataburger, never ate there before. Even though the place has been open a week, the place was busy as heck at 1:00am! After getting home and eating the burger and fries, I must say I wasn't very impressed. Not much different than Burger King. Can't see what all the fuss has been about.
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