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More Erroneous Gmail and Second Tuesday Time Again

Got another email in Gmail this morning which was obviously meant for someone else, this time thanking me for joining Pandora. I have not, and probably never WILL, subscribe to online music streaming services. Don't have a use for them. The links in the email check out fine for the actual website, so, once again, NOT "phishing" attempts. Getting so MANY emails with account info for OTHER people in Gmail is the MAIN reason I'll NEVER use them for anything important. Going to keep my primary email account at Yahoo, where I NEVER get emails meant for others in my inbox. No matter how much people may argue with me on the issue, there is definitely something screwy with Gmail's algorithms. THAT many people CAN'T be giving their online/banking/cable/phone accounts MY email address! Final word, if you have important information, don't, I repeat, DON'T, use Gmail to send it. No telling WHO might receive it!

In other news, it's the second Tuesday of the month again. I'll be running Windows Update shortly after noon. HOPEFULLY it won't give me the grief it did last month!
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