Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Tornadoes and Windows Update Loops...

I suddenly went "Offline" early yesterday afternoon. Huge wind and rain for a few minutes, then the electricity went out. It was out until about 3:30pm this afternoon. A total of a little over 25 hours. Telephone was dead also. Grabbed the battery powered radio. Heard trees were down everywhere in the parish, buildings and cars damaged. A few overturned 18-wheelers on the roads. Light poles snapped. Andrew was at work when the storm moved through the area. Confirmed today that the storm included an EF-2 tornado. We were apparently on the outskirts of it. Tornadoes are a VERY rare occurrence in this area. On the way to pick Andrew up from work, noticed several big trees down just up the road on Pine Ridge Road. No major damage to the house here, just a ripped window awning...

Speaking of windows... I would have posted this a few hours earlier IF I hadn't been "fighting" with todays Windows Updates. They installed FINE on the Windows 7 laptop and the Windows Vista machine in the living room. However, my Windows 7 desktop (the main PC), is giving me conniptions. Tried FOUR times downloading and trying to install the updates, and when rebooting, the updates don't install, and I get this screen on reboot...

After Andrew got home today, I had him look at it, and so far, he's stumped also. If you reboot normally, minus trying to install the updates, everything goes swimmingly. So, just for tonight, I've given up trying to get the updates to load on this machine. Maybe fark around with it again tomorrow.

UPDATE 10/15/2014: Going one by one, figured out the Windows Update reboot "Startup Repair" issue... It was update KB2949927.

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