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Washy Washy... and Other Tidbits

I've been doing laundry since I got up this morning. Several loads...

1) Bed sheets from two beds
2) Bedspread from my bed.
3) Whites/Towels
4) Colored/Clothes
5) Throw rugs from my bedroom and the bathroom

In other news, I've kinda settled on Opera as my default browser again for the first time in years. Firefox, lately, has slowly been becoming buggy and sluggish. Also, most of the good themes haven't been updated for the new interface, so if you can't customize, might as well use a browser that doesn't even offer the option!

Slowly going back into Livejournal, migrating as many old pictures as possible, over to the Wordpress blog. Probably won't renew the Livejournal paid account when it comes up, since it's pretty much a "dead zone" these days. I think Livejournal's "time" has come and gone.
Tags: blogs, browsers, chores, laundry, livejournal, wordpress

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