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Cat Update

Dr. Malta DID have a different diagnosis for Eastwood. Nothing to do with arthritis. Plenty to do with a reaction to fleas. Fleas are near impossible to see on Eastwood, because of the color of his fur. After I mentioned the white specks in his fur, she ran a comb through it, and discovered a lot of dark specks also, which she identified as flea dung. She sprayed a chemical on the black specks, and they turned red. She said that was undigested blood in the flea dung.

SO... she gave him an injection of Depo-Medrol(for the flea allergies), and sent me home with topical between the shoulder blades flea treatment (for both Eastwood AND moms cat Booger), and a bottle of spray to apply to the bedding where the cats sleep. She said she might call in a day or two to see how he's doing. No office exam charge this time, just charged for the shot and meds.

Kinda thinking that Dr. Armstrong at Cooper Veterinary is a bit of a "quack".
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