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Management Issues...and Other Things

Andrew called from his job last night asking if I had ten dollars. His cash drawer ended up short again, and he didn't have the money to cover it. It tends to come up short, mostly even amounts, when he works the back drive-thru window and a certain evening manager is working the shift. Andrew says others have come up short when that manager works also.

When I went to pick him up a little after 8pm, I saw the manager outside the store, next to his vehicle, smoking a cigarette, and had paperwork with him. Andrew told me that the MAIN manager, "Glenda", said it's store policy for employees NOT to hang around outside on their breaks. So, if that is the case, that evening manager is violating policy.

One evening a while back, said manager had some kind of seizure and passed out. He was the only manager on duty. Employees called 911, and an ambulance came to pick him up. Andrew had "Glenda's" phone number on his cell, so he called her to come in, otherwise there would have been NO manager on duty.

IF this manager is INDEED "skimming from the till", and is prone to seizures, I don't think he should be working there. Andrew said he was going to talk to "Glenda" about it this afternoon when he goes to pick up his paycheck. Of course, that manager told Andrew that HE was going to talk to "Glenda" also.

In other news, on my way to pick Andrew up last night, a man with a dark beard was walking down the road. When I returned home, the lid on the mailbox was wide open. Guess I'm going to have to keep a serious eye out for the mail from now on!
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