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Got an email from Applied Bank (my credit card company) this morning saying payment for the card is late. Payment was mailed June 9th, due June 17th. They SHOULD have gotten it by now! Tried looking for a response form on their website, there were only links to pay by other means. The email they sent is "read only", so can't reply to that. Called the "Customer Service Number" (NOT toll free) on my last invoice, all I got was recorded messages telling me my balance, when last payment was received (LAST month!), when next payment was due (YESTERDAY), and other options to "quick pay" fucking live person option!!!

Guess I'm going to have to try and MAIL them a letter!

As for my son and the "Five Guys" interview yesterday, manager apparently just wanted to meet him. Said he might call NEXT Tuesday or Wednesday for his actual interview.
Tags: credit cards, lateness

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