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Another Rant

Guess I'm just feelin' "ranty" today.

I REALLY wish SOMEONE would get some faster internet in my area other than the 6Mbps DSL I'm currently using. Sure, "Comcrap" is in my area, but I REFUSE to do business with that company, considering they have monthly data caps, would try to push their TV service on me, and were the company responsible for killing the "TechTV" network several years ago. I hate them as much as I hate Walmart, therefore REFUSING to give them any of my money!

Having to listen to the audio only stream of a video podcast at the moment, because Andrew is off today, and downloading a couple of games, which are up in the gigabytes, therefore causing video to buffer like crazy. Since he's working now, I hate to disrupt stuff he wants to do on his days off.

Faster internet would solve these issues!
Tags: bandwidth, internet speeds, rants

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