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Gotten two things accomplished this early in the morning....

This morning, I decided to drop that "Live365" radio station I had...mainly for two reasons: 1] Lack of interest by anyone(only 6 total listening hours in the past 30 days), and 2] I never felt like sitting down to convert tons of records and CD's to MP3 format. Also, guess this might be a third resaon, the company kept lowering the amount of megabites you could store on their servers, think they are getting ready to become strictly a pay service because of all the royalties the record companies are requesting from them.
The other thing I did, I "unlisted" my webcam at Camarades, meaning the only people that can see it now are only the people that know about it. You wouldn't believe the amount of "perverts" doing random searches in the Camarades indexes that were sending me messages I really didn't care to receive!

Well, being I haven't been awake very long, going to hit the shower, then maybe run up to McDonalds and pick up something for breakfast....

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