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McDonald's Moronic Managers

Andrew called a few minutes ago. His schedule was a bit mixed up for today when it was posted last week, having him working 10 hours, getting off at 1:00am tonight. Manager changed it, having him work till 9:30pm instead. She changed it for him, but apparently she neglected to change it on the printed schedule on the wall.

The on-duty manager is trying to get in touch with the main manager to confirm the change. So, right now, Andrew doesn't know WHAT time he's getting off! That means, I'll be sitting here idle waiting for him to call to let me know. if they keep him until 1am, he won't have much time before going BACK in the morning at 11am.

My cat could manage a McDonald's better than the morons that are running the Well Road location!
Tags: idiots, management, mcdonalds

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