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Not THIS Shiat Again!

You may remember reading a while back the issues I had claiming a Blu-ray I had won from Warner Home Video. Well, having issues yet again with ANOTHER contest I supposedly won, this time on Facebook, a $100 gift card from Super 1 Foods.

Got an email late last week saying I won, and I needed to send my mailing address to a certain email address, which I did almost immediately. Well, today, I get another email, saying it's my LAST CHANCE to claim the gift card, and to reply by January 6th! So, I reply yet AGAIN, letting them know I also replied the FIRST time. This time I replied to the person's email address that SENT the email in the first place also, therefore sending out TWO emails in reply!

UPDATE: Just got a reply from the SENDER, not the address that was IN the email to reply to. The gift card will be going into the mail now. They said they didn't get the first email I sent, even though it was shown as "Sent" in Gmail.
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