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Goodbye TWiT Network

I read a few minutes ago that Tom Merritt was getting the boot from "Tech News Today", because he was now having to "Skype in". As I understood, "Tech News Today" was still one of the highest rated shows on the network. Yet lacky Sarah Lane "Skypes in" regularly on the show, and even if she's due "in studio" she arrives late for the start of "Tech News Today", which to me means she doesn't care about being on the show, since she doesn't get kick-backs from Apple for IT, like she does for her "iPad" and "iPhone" shows.

I determined early on that Lane was an Apple shill, because Apple is the only company on that network that has THREE shows dedicated to it. Windows has ONE. If it were REALLY "unbiased", the iPad and iPhone "tips" would be worked into the ONE show, "MacBreak Weekly". She is obviously giving a little "kickback" to Leo to keep those extra shows on. She has never been a "journalist".

Also, it was announced that the red headed dye job assclown Chad was going to be given co-hosting duties with Dick DeBartolo on "The Giz Wiz". As much as I like The Giz Wiz, Chad makes me want to puke. Will no longer watch the show after the first of the year.

Actually,after following Leo Laporte since ZDTV in mid 1998, he's lost me as an audience with this latest revalation. He's letting that brunette piece of pussy dictate his every move. Lisa Kentzell is only after money... HIS money. Once she drains him dry, she'll be off to her next prospect! She already destroyed his long time marriage!

Also, that red headed assclown Chad was a TERRIBLE "producer" for "This Week in Tech", never had guests announced till the "last minute". When Eileen was producing, the guests were announced FAR in advance. Chad must be putting out for Lisa also, in order to keep that job!
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