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Internet Rant...

Had a feeling this would start happening. Bigger company buys out small internet provider, customer support goes to CRAP!

Internet has been dropping out for a few seconds at a time, only from 2-6pm, for the past couple of weeks. I contact them today. Tech support guy wants ME to call AT&T, because it might be a phone line issue. If it WAS an issue with the line, the problem would be going on 24/7, not just certain hours of the day!

Anyway, I call AT&T, go through several menus trying to get a PERSON, then get put on hold. I sit there for 15 minutes, and suddenly hear a DIAL-TONE. AT&T's automated crap hung up on me! NOT calling back to sit several more minutes.

Last time I had issues similar to this, it WAS on AT&T's end, but, according to my ISP, it was linked to congestion on AT&T's end, it WASN'T my phone line! That time, MY ISP was in contact with AT&T, and I'm sure they have a "special" number where they can immediately get through to someone!

Tech guy said he'd be "monitoring" the situation though. Andrew gets "fussy" when he's chatting with a friend, or playing a game, and the internet dies!
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