Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Trying ICQ Yet Again....

Just downloaded ICQ again, going to try something darlingniki suggested to me the other day...keeping my status set to "Invisible". I went through some of the privacy settings, and found a place you can make a "Visible" list, so supposedly I will only be visible to those on the list, and invisible to everyone else, that way hopefully the spam messages will either stop, or be cut down dramatically....

...I'm a little teed at the moment...TV Guide said "VH-1" was going to show a "Behind The Music" about Hall & Oates...instead, there's a Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary special...not in a Michael Jackson mood!....Oh well, "America's Most Wanted" should be on at 8pm...unless TV Guide is wrong again! I like to watch "Most Wanted" to make sure I'm not on there!

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