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The past few days, I've been working , albeit slowly, on migrating Livejournal over to Wordpress. All posts have been transferred. However, I noticed a LOT of posts from my early years at Livejournal are missing photos. If memory serves me correctly, this was due to the fact that LJ didn't have its own photo hosting back in the day, and I was hosting the photos on my old BellSouth web space, which at the time was around 25MB I think, so if that space started getting full, I'd have to delete some images before adding new ones. Amazingly, the photos I stored on BellSouth are STILL there!

So, now I'm in the process of going through old backups, attempting to find the missing images, to try and "rebuild" the old posts as close as possible to their original format. NOT an easy task so far I can tell ya! Got a little over a years posts "fixed" so far, as good as possible Some photos I can't seem to locate (yet anyway). Also, there will be a LOT of "dead links" in the old posts, because the sites they are linked to have gone the way of the Dodo bird. The more recent the posts however, the more reliable they should be.

While going through old backup discs for the first time in ages, I'm discovering pictures I've almost forgotten about, not ALL were posted on Livejournal or my website. For example, here's ONE from 2001 that a friend might recognize...

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